Tecnocomponenti® was founded in 1985 as a Company providing services for the design, manufacture and sales of prefabricated structural systems for small and large industrial and agricultural businesses.
The Company�s business choices led to the setting up of a real estate division, which operated mainly in the industrial sector, but also had important interests and projects in the civil and commercial sectors.
Our office in Fiesse Production activities began in 1989, and in 1993 the real estate division separated from the Group to ensure more autonomy, as well as managerial and financial flexibility.
In 1997, thanks to a series of successful initiatives and an important recapitalization phase, the newly formed public limited company grew beyond its small business roots and turned into a true industry.
The building of the new production facilities began that year. Already partially completed in 1998, with a surface area of approximately 15,000 square meters, they were equipped with modern production machinery and adequate storage space.

From that point up to the present, the Company continued the enlargement project begun in 1997, including the completion of the production range, the acquisition of new industrial areas, and completing the entire productive department in 2004.
The total productive surface area currently covers approximately 23,200 square meters over a total surface area of 40,000 square meters, and is organized in a modern and homogeneous fashion, functional to the production activities.
In 2005, in order to optimise operative management and to achieve consequential cost reduction of the structure, the Company left the civil sector. The residential construction activity was abandoned and an important merger with the holding company was carried out in 2005, creating a single industrial force able to address the needs of the existing market by concentrating exclusively on the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors.
The continual research for state-of-the-art technologies and structural solutions has made it possible for the company to meet the needs of an ever-demanding market in terms of structural flexibility, high performance and efficiency, proving turnkey projects.
Evidence of these efforts and attitude is given by the certification of the quality management system involving all business activities: from design and manufacture of structural prefabricated concrete components, to transport and assembling, on to the certification of building firm and CE marking.
Thanks to a progressive and continuous internationalization project Tecnocomponenti realized a complex commercial and industrial building in Slovakia Republic and it will start an important collaboration with a Serbian partner.
The staff of Tecnocomponenti� currently counts 50 production employees in addition to the two assembly teams and a team responsible for the finishing work on completed buildings.

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